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Event Medicine

LifeFlight's Event Medicine team works with responders from across the world during this training exercise held in Nashville during the 2018 EMS World Expo. Check out this video:

About LifeFlight Event Medicine

The Event Medicine division of Vanderbilt LifeFlight was started in the Fall of 2008 when Vanderbilt Medical Center became the official healthcare provider of the Nashville Predators. Vanderbilt LifeFlight Event Medicine provides EMT and paramedic level EMS (emergency medical services) for team members and spectators at all home games for the Nashville Predators. In addition to the Nashville Predators, Vanderbilt LifeFlight Event Medicine provides EMS coverage (including ambulance standby) for all events at the Bridgestone Arena, Vanderbilt Football, Nashville Sounds Baseball, Vanderbilt Basketball, Vanderbilt Lacross, Cross Country and Track and Soccer and works closely with Vanderbilt Sports Medicine. The team is available to provide coverage at your next event or public gathering.

Does My Event Need Medical Coverage?


Vanderbilt LifeFlight Event Medicine leaders will work with you to develop a plan so medical services are tailored to meet the needs and the budget of your unique event. No event is too small or too big!

For example, a small event, such as a street fair, that has little stress on its participants might be covered by a single EMT. Larger gatherings like marathons or a sporting event, require the development of a more comprehensive medical team plan which may include EMTs, paramedics, nurses and physician.


LifeFlight Event Medicine has a broad array of services to help you plan your sporting event, outdoor festival, concert, or a variety of other special events. We can arrange staffing and pricing to suit your needs from ambulance standby with basic emergency medical technicians to advanced trained paramedics, up to critically care trained flight nurses and advanced nurse practitioners.

Our team has established event medicine policies and procedures to provide injury and illness medical care to event spectators. Specially trained EMTs and paramedics are in direct contact with physicians and nurses at Vanderbilts Emergency Department, offer everything to make your event safe and successful. In addition, Vanderbilt LifeFlight maintains a 24-hour emergency communication center, which can help facilitate any request from the event medicine staff.

Customized Coverage

LifeFlight Event Medicine services are customized to meet your needs.  A few things to consider when planning an event is:

Number of people attending
- We recommend a minimum of one EMT-Intermediate for the first 2,000 people. The larger the crowds, the more likely you'll want more advanced care available, such as an EMT-Paramedic.

Venue (indoor, outdoor)

Type of Event
- Are the participants older or younger? Is it a mixed crowd?

Major events often generate crowds as large as a population in a small or mid-sized town. Our teams have handled events that have as few as 2,000 people, and those that reach upwards of 50,000.

Medical problems are inevitable. Based on our experience, the type of medical conditions encountered varies according to the type of event and the crowd profile. We’ve found that pre-existing medical problems (such as asthma, epilepsy, and diabetes) of crowd members are exacerbated. Traumatic injuries resulting from falls and assaults are also common. There may be specific risks associated with the event itself, such as exhaustion and hypothermia in runners during a marathon. Crowds at large outdoor musical events may experience problems due to the weather, from hypothermia to heat exhaustion.

Level of Service


Vanderbilt LifeFlight Event Medicine can dedicate EMT (basic) or paramedic (ALS) ambulances for your event, or can provide other alternatives, including an EMT/Paramedic rover(s) that provides a single EMT or paramedic to your event without the additional cost of the ambulance.

The benefit of having EMTs or paramedics on foot (either stationed in specific locations or constantly roving their event looking for any signs of medical problems) will quicken their response and ensure that medical care is always close at hand. These rovers can work as a single cost effective medical provider at your event or in teams, with or without an ambulance crew to accompany them.

All of our BLS-Level services provide an automated external defibrillator in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest at your event. Our emergency experience and training with mass casualty incidents makes us the perfect partner for your event.


We even offer free over-the-counter medications, earplugs and other useful items to anyone over 18-years of age, working at or visiting your event, with the purchase of any of our standby services.

Our Paramedics and EMTs are professional emergency medical providers that respond to life and death medical emergencies every day. They bring that same skill-level to our first-aid service, so you can rest assured that theyll be ready to handle anything that comes their way.

If you do not have a communications plan for your event that includes two-way radios, we can provide radios for your event staff to communicate with our medical staff to ensure that we are always easy to reach. We can also provide a communications bus that serves a dual function as an office.

Current Clients

Nashville Predators; Bridgestone Arena; Vanderbilt Athletics (Vanderbitl Football, Vanderbilt Basketball, Vanderbilt Baseball, Vanderbilt Lacrosse, Vanderbilt Cross Country, Vanderbilt Track and Field); CMA Music Festival; Iroquois Steeplechase; iRun For The Party; Nashville Sounds Baseball; Dierks Bently Miles and Music; Vanderbilt University Special Events; Vanderbilt Rites of Spring Annual Music Festival; Nashville Women's Half Marathon ;Music City New Year's Eve Bash on Broadway; Nashville Pride Annual Downtown Festival.

Vanderbilt LifeFlight Event Medicine would like to provide a quote to cover your event.

Services range from single EMTs or paramedics to complete ambulance standby.

Please call us at 615-936-0770 or fill out the short form below, and we'll get in touch with you.