LifeFlight / Safety / Skyport Safety Information

Skyport Safety Information

All visiting flight crews must review the information below on the Vanderbilt LifeFlight Skyport and Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Helipad.

Recommeded Nashville Area Helicopter EMS Communications map

Location: N 36008'33.00" W 86048'03.00"

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750 MSL, 168 AGL
Weight Capacity
     Vanderbilt Adult: 48 ft. /22,000 lbs.
     Children’s Hospital: 45 ft. /12,000 lbs.
Primary Approach/Departure: 24/06
Rooftop Wind sock and Beacon

Communications (Nashville area and Vanderbilt helipads)
Notification of inbound flights shall be made to Vanderbilt Flight Communications via radio or phone 20 minutes before arrival. If you need help unloading patients, please let us know in advance.

Frequencies and Phone Numbers
Primary Radio: 122.975
Phone: (800) 288-8111

Nashville Area Advisories
1. 20 NM and 10 NM: Call with position, altitude, destination and ETA.
2. 5 NM and/or 2 minutes: Contact Flight Communications with ETA.
3. Inform Flight Communications when on final approach.
4. When departing any Nashville hospital helipad, make advisory calls and inform Flight Communication on 122.975. 

Civil air medical programs will carry aircraft liability insurance with a Limit of Liability $20,000,000 for each occurrence. The LifeFlight Program Manager will be provided a copy of the Certificate of Insurance and will be immediately notified if the policy is changed or canceled. 

Hot off-loads (off-loading patients with rotors in motion) are not allowed without permission from the LifeFlight Communications Center.
The pilot will remain on the helipad to relocate the aircraft if it is necessary.
Wind readings from Flight Communications are not always available.
Refueling is not available for visiting aircraft.
Please review all information before arriving at Vanderbilt.

There is often construction at Vanderbilt. We work with crane operators to ensure clear flight paths for inbound and outbound flights.

For medical crews, there is an elevator key attached to the stretchers on the skyport. This key must be used to return to the skyport after delivering a patient. This key must also be used to call the elevator with priority status.