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Helicopter Division

LifeFlight uses three Airbus EC 145, three Airbus EC135, two Airbus H 130T2 and one Airbus EC 130B4. Eight of the nine helicopters are placed at bases and one is used as a backup. There are eight bases located in Lebanon, Tullahoma, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Mt. Pleasant, Henry County (Paris), Putnam County (Cookeville) and Humboldt covering all of Middle Tennessee, parts of West Tennessee, East Tennessee, and Southern Kentucky.  All air operations are provided by Air Methods Corporation. All medical services are provided by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Our helicopters are some of the fastest in the Middle Tennessee area, offer the flight crew complete access to the patient, and have some of the most advanced safety features in the industry.

The EC 145 and EC 135 have the ability for IFR (instrument flight reading) flights and LifeFlight is one of the few programs in Middle and West Tennessee that has that capability.


LifeFlight 1 - Lebanon
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Wilson Matthews
Located at the Lebanon Airport

LifeFlight 1 was based in Nashville at Vanderbilt from 1984 to 2004.
It was then moved to the airport in  Lebanon, Tenn.

LF 1 Group Photo

(left to right) Allan Williams MSN-Ed, RN, CFRN, NR-Paramedic; Andy Sikes NR-Paramedic, CCP, FP-C; Kim Dreaddy BSN, RN, CCRN, AEMT; Justin Holton NR- Paramedic, CCP, FP-C; Ashley Panas M.D.; Greg Wamack MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CFRN, CTRN, AEMT; Wilson Matthews BSN, RN, CEN, CMTE, EMT; Terry Jones AMP, IA (Mechanic); Marcie Johnson MSN, RN, FNP-C, EMT; Tim Morman MSN, RN, FNP-C, AEMT; Shane Pierce BBA, AS (Pilot); Chris Rediker MSN, RN, FNP-C, CEN, AEMT; Danny Bridges RN, CCRN, EMT; Kyle McCabe BS, NR-Paramedic, CCP, FP-C

LifeFlight 2 - Tullahoma
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Judy Dreaddy
Located at the Tullahoma Airport

LifeFlight 2 was originally based in Shelbyville, Tenn., and opened in the year 2000. It was later relocated to the Tullahoma Airport. LifeFlight 2 was the first helicopter to be based away from Nashville, and was part of Vanderbilt's initiative to move the helicopters out into the rural areas for faster response.

LifeFlight 2 Group Photo

Travis McCall, RN; Mike Clements, RN; Tim Bell, CCP; Amanda Hansen, RN; Sarah Nash, RN; Judy Dreaddy, RN (base manager); Jodi Davenport,  RN ; Joe Cobble, RN; Ray Kelso, CCP; Ken Scull, Pilot; Landon Pupka, CCP; Seth Dubler, mechanic. 

LifeFlight 3 - Clarksville
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Joe Brentise
Located at Outlaw Field in Clarksville, Tennessee

LifeFlight 3 was opened in Oct. 2002 and initally operated at Gateway Medical Center.
When a new hospital was built, a new LF base was built at Outlaw Field. 

LifeFlight 3 Crew

(left to right) Chris Grimes, CCP; Chandler Perdue, RN; Steve Wilkinson, RN;  Teresa Fulwood, RN; Lynne Tatum, RN; Michelle Brazil, RN; Leah Brady, RN; Joe Brentise (base manager), RN; Jill Hazelwood, CCP; Tony Smith, RN; Jessica Van Meter, RN; Jason Reed, RN; Dan Ford, RN.  Not Picuted: Molly Engleman, RN; Austin Pierce, CCP.

LifeFlight 4 - Mt. Pleasant
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Chris House
Located at the Mt. Pleasant Airport

LifeFlight 4 opened in Mt. Pleasant in 2004.

LF 4

(left to right, back row) Tim Rodriquez, CCP; Jim Highsmith, RN; Dylan Wilson, CCP; Dan Haupt, CCP; Neil Worf, RN; Chris House (base manager), RN; Erica Woodside, RN; (left to right, front row) Keela Dement, RN; Mike Sahjian, RN; Keith Evans, RN; Chad Hollingsworth, CCP; Amy Moore, RN; Jacqueline Pearson, RN. Not pictured: Sam Smith, RN; Michael Gooch, RN; Fabian Oden, CCP; Gary Schwist, Bric Baker, Eddie Kemp, Michael Kelly.

LifeFlight 5 - Murfreesboro
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Kathy Nippers

Located at the Murfreesboro Airport
LifeFlight 5 opened in Rutherford County in 2011.

LF 5 Crew

(left to right, front row) Bill Rowland, CCP; Kathy Nippers, RN (base manager); Charlie Lazar, RN; Mark Tankersley, RN; Katie Cooper, RN;  (back row) Janelle Zehr, RN; Greg Johnson, CCP; Will Yasui, RN; Michael Weathers, RN; Andrew Tenneriello, CCP; Frank Edwards, RN

LifeFlight 6 - Henry County, Tennessee
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Kirk Krokosky
Located at the Henry County Airport

LifeFlight 6 began operations on August 27, 2015.
It marked Vanderbilt LifeFlight's first aircraft in the West Tennessee area. 

Group Photo

(left to right)  Randal McCabe, Base Mechanic, Dan Dotson, Pilot, Kayla Hixon, CCP, NRP, FP-C, Jason Selman, RN BSN CFRN EMT, Russell French CCP, FP-C, NRP, Michael Nelson, Base Lead Pilot, Kate Luckey-Smith, RN, BSN, NRP, Steve Wilkinson, RN, EMT, Lis Henley, RN, EMT, Matthew McClure CCP, NRP, FP-C, Kirk Krokosky, RN, BS, CCRN, AEMT – Chief Flight Nurse, Michael Weathers, RN, CCRN, EMT, (Not pictured) Justin Zellers, CCP, FP-C

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LifeFlight 7 - Cookeville
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Tim Hurst

4570 South Jefferson Avenue, Cookeville, TN. 
LifeFlight 7 opened in Putnam County on August 2, 2016

LifeFlight 7 Crew

(left to right) Bryan Locke, CCP; Wes Oliver, RN; Clayton Anstis, CCP; Terry Foutch, RN; Tim Hurst, RN (base manager); Rachel Brockman, RN; Megan Overby, RN; Tom Adams, pilot; Greg Stoddard, pilot. (Not pictured) Marsha Roberts, RN; Bill Rowland, CCP; Emmaline Newman, RN;

LifeFlight 8 - Humboldt
Chief Flight Nurse/Base Manager - Rita McCoy

4655 E Main St
Humboldt, TN 38343
LifeFlight 8 opened in Gibson County on February 28, 2018

LF 8

(left to right) Jesse Coble, Mechanic; Daniel Horne, RN; Tim Wilshire, Pilot; Marty Hastings, Pilot; Carla Smith, RN: Jeff Borgio, CCP; Fabian Oden, CCP; Rita McCoy, RN; Jenny Carter, RN; Andrew Tenneriello, CCP; Molly Engleman, RN; Eric Melone, RN;  Jeremy Larrison, Mechanic.

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The interior of the EC 135 allows for complete patient access during treatment. Another photo of the interior of the EC 135 - from the front.

Critical Care Response Cars

A “Critical Care Response” car is located at each LifeFlight helicopter base for the critical care medical teams to meet local EMS teams and assist transport by ground ambulance on missions that can’t be completed by air due to weather conditions. 

CCRThe vehicles do NOT respond emergency to scenes - but arrangements can be made to meet a ground EMS ambulance at a predetermined location or at the local hospital. The LifeFlight medical crew will have all of the medical equipment and supplies that are normally available on the helicopter, including lifesaving blood. The response must be requested by local EMS or hospital. 

There is NO CHARGE for this service. LifeFlight does not bill the local EMS agency or the patient when accompanying via ground transport.

Exceptional Training and Care

Our helicopters carry either a nurse/nurse team or a nurse/paramedic team. All medical crew members are critically care trained.  All RN helicopter crew members are dual licensed with both RN and EMT-P or EMT multi-state licenses. Continuing education and continuous quality improvement are required for flight crew members.

  • LifeFlight nurses have an average of 10 years of experience in emergency and/or critical care.
  • LifeFlight training covers all clinical areas of care including the adult and pediatric emergency department, Coronary Care Unit, Trauma Center, Burn Center, Neuro ICU, Pediatric ICU, emergency obstetrics and respiratory care.
  • LifeFlight training includes a quarterly surgical skills lab where invasive procedures such as chest tube placement, cricothryroidotomy, pericardiocentesis and femoral line insertion are taught.
  • LifeFlight carries life-saving blood products on every flight.
  • Staff and physicians meet regularly to ensure patient care meets or exceeds national standards.