LifeFlight / Contact / Service Requirements

Service Requirements

Patients being transported by LifeFlight must meet the following criteria:


  • GCS < 13 (does not follow commands) signs and symptoms of shock (rapid heart rate; altered mental status; cool, clammy, pale skin, etc.) Remember, hypotension is a late sign of shock.
  • Pediatric Trauma (may not see signs of shock until late)
  • Geriatric Trauma (also may not see signs of shock until late)
  • Hypothermia
  • Airway compromise (actual or potential)


  • Penetrating injuries to the torso
  • Limb paralysis
  • Limb amputation proximal to the wrist or ankle where bleeding cannot be controlled
  • Trauma combined with burns of >15% particularly on the face or airway

Type of Injury

  • High speed MVA
  • Prolonged extrication
  • Fatality within the same vehicle
  • Ejection from the same vehicle
  • Intrusion into the passenger compartment of vehicle by > 12 inches
  • Mechanism of injury should accompany either a physiologic or anatomic criterion

Information We Need

  • Your agency name and phone number
  • Location of the scene or landing zone
  • Ground contact
  • Radio frequency (prefer 155.205)
  • Brief patient information (status of ABCs/mental status)

Patient Information

  • Number of patients
  • Adult or pediatric
  • Extrication in process?
  • Patient weight
  • Neurologic and respiratory status