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Gaylord Opryland Clinic Frequently Asked Questions


All Gaylord STARS and their dependents can use the clinic. This includes your spouse, domestic partner and children. Registered guests of Opryland Hotel can also use the clinic.

Will the clinic file my health insurance claims?

Yes. The Vanderbilt Clinic staff will file insurance claims on your behalf. This clinic operates as all other Vanderbilt Clinics and accepts most insurance plans.

Will my medical records be secure?

Yes. All Vanderbilt facilities follow the Health Care Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your medical records will not be released to anyone without your written consent. Should you visit any other Vanderbilt Health facility, your medical records will be available to your health care providers.

Can my family members be seen at the clinic?

Yes. All Gaylord Opryland STARS' families and Marriott associates' family members are eligible for care at this clinic.

What kind of provider will I see at the clinic?

This Vanderbilt Health Clinic is staff by qualified, board-certified nurse practitioners.

What if I already have a primary care provider?

Our nurse practitioners will inform your primary care provider of the care you receive at the Vanderbilt Clinic.

What if Im not enrolled in the full-time medical plan with Gaylord/Marriott?

STARS and their eligible dependents not enrolled in the full-time medical plan with Gaylord/Marriott can still use the clinic. A $55-$75 payment will apply depending on services provided.

If you have insurance somewhere else, the Vanderbilt Health clinic can file a claim with your insurer. You must pay your co-payment at the time of service.

The clinic can also file insurance claims for registered hotel guests.

What if I need to see a specialist?

If you need more advanced care or testing, the nurse practitioner will help you arrange services from specialists and other providers in your health plan.

Where should I go if I need additional care?

You can use any medical facility or provider in your insurance network.

Can the clinic prescribe medicines?

The clinic will prescribe from the top 150 most common generic drugs for our population. The clinic will not prescribe or dispense narcotic pain medicines.

Can I fill a prescription from my doctor at the clinic?

No. The clinic can only dispense prescriptions that were written by one of the nurse practitioners staffing the clinic.

What do I save by visiting the Gaylord On-Site Medical Clinic?

Average physician/specialist visits range between $75 and $120 in this region, so each visit to the clinic saves you money. Don't forget that preventive services are covered 100% if you're enrolled in one of the Gaylord/Marriott medical plans.