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About Bundles

How It Works

  • We re-design the clinical and financial model for a specific medical or surgical condition to create an enhanced care bundle. 
  • Employers pay a predetermined fee for the bundled services, and we assume the financial risk for delivering an excellent clinical outcome.
  • Employees enjoy a simplified healthcare experience that often has lower out-of-pocket costs. This includes access to a patient navigator who facilitates all non-clinical needs, such as booking appointments, navigating the Vanderbilt health system or answering general questions.
  • Employers experience lower costs, improved quality, happier employees and a healthier bottom line.

Direct Partnerships: A Direct Path to Change

Relentless rising costs. Tremendous variance in cost and quality. Health care is consistently inconsistent and constantly a challenge for employers. This doesn’t have to be the narrative.

A sustainable, high quality health system can be achieved by transforming our delivery and payment models from volume to value. This requires a closer partnership between those who deliver care and those who pay for it.

Once an unproven experiment among a handful of Fortune 50 brands, employers are increasingly interested in testing the effectiveness of direct relationships with providers. Research shows that roughly 1/4 of employers are considering contracting directly for employee healthcare services.

Bundled payment for defined conditions represents a common starting point for innovative partnerships between providers and employers. Bundles can reduce unnecessary care, align incentives and increase quality at a reduced cost. This approach also dramatically improves the patient experience along the way.

Our Approach: Reimagining the Delivery of Care

When we designed MyHealth Bundles, we started from scratch. We asked our Care Transformation team to design with no rules, no consideration of how we would be compensated, no limits. We asked them to create a blue-sky scenario for a patient experience that achieved optimum outcomes in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.

We have reimagined the delivery of care from a financial, clinical and service standpoint to create a vastly superior approach.

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    We are providing care more effectively and efficiently by removing artificial obstacles from legacy payment models and processes.

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    We are offering the ability to accurately forecast the cost of health care and to have control over rising expenses. We assume the risk, so employers don’t have to any longer.

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    We are dramatically improving patient experience through the redesign of the delivery of care. From providing a patient navigator to help guide the way and answer questions, to a more streamlined clinical experience and reduced out-of-pocket costs, this new approach keeps patient needs top of mind.