Women's Heart Program

For women, the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease are not always the same as those for men. That’s why it is important for women to know how to spot their specific heart attack signs, how to reduce their heart risk and when to seek treatment from an experienced cardiologist.

The Women’s Heart Program at Vanderbilt is dedicated to improving women’s heart health. Our team of specialists helps women reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke through screenings and advanced diagnostic tests.

Women’s Heart Care: Why Choose Vanderbilt

Women who need care for heart conditions choose Vanderbilt for our:

  • Team approach: Our team of women’s health specialists includes doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and registered dietitians who can help you with lifestyle and medical needs.
  • Expert, personalized care: Our cardiologists provide expert care with a compassionate touch. We work closely with you to evaluate your overall health, recommend prevention strategies and manage heart disease if it happens.
  • Access to specialists: Vanderbilt is a major academic center, with some of the top specialists in the country. As a patient at Vanderbilt, you have access to Vanderbilt Women’s Health, with doctors who specialize in women’s health issues, including general internal medicine, OB/GYN, breast health, endocrinology, and bone and joint diseases.
  • Partnership with primary care doctor: We believe the best path to your long-term heart health is to coordinate care with your primary care doctor. We communicate with your primary care doctor every step of the way.
  • Clinical trial opportunities: We are dedicated to researching ways to improve women’s heart health. Our patients have access to clinical trials that offer promising new treatments before they are widely available to the public. 
  • Women’s heart support group: In collaboration with WomenHeart, we host a monthly support group to provide women living with heart disease peer-to-peer support, information and encouragement. The support group is hosted the second Saturday of the month from 10:30 a.m.-noon at One Hundred Oaks (Entrance D). For more information, call (615) 936-4437.

Heart Conditions We Treat

We provide expert, effective care for women with many heart conditions or related problems, which may include: 

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Shortness of breath and exercise intolerance
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Congenital heart disease

Support Services for Women’s Heart Health

We offer comprehensive support services that help you reduce your risk of heart and vascular problems, including:

  • Nutrition: Our registered dietitians can counsel you on healthy eating choices and help you create a heart-healthy eating plan.
  • Exercise: Physical activity has been shown to lower heart disease risk. We can work with you on an exercise plan and connect you with various exercise groups and classes.
  • Cholesterol reduction: We help women reduce cholesterol both through lifestyle changes and medication.
  • Smoking cessation: Smoking is a top risk factor for many diseases. We can connect you with a smoking cessation program that works for you.
  • Diabetes control: Diabetes and heart disease are closely linked. We work closely with diabetes specialists to help you manage diabetes and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.
  • High blood pressure management: Whether it is genetic or caused by lifestyle factors, high blood pressure puts you at risk of heart attack and stroke. Our specialists can help you get blood pressure under control.

Treating Women’s Heart Disease

We treat heart and vascular conditions using the least invasive options available. When possible, our interventional heart care specialists use minimally invasive cardiology procedures, such as angioplasty and stenting, to provide effective treatment. If more complex surgery is needed, our team of cardiac and vascular surgeons has a depth of expertise with excellent outcomes for our patients.

Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute Locations

Our experienced team of doctors may see patients at additional locations. To find the location closest to you, call (615) 322-2318.

One Hundred Oaks
719 Thompson Ln., Suite 22100
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 322-2318
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