Prevention Program

The Vanderbilt Heart Preventive Cardiology program offers the very best in preventive care. Our experienced and talented team evaluates risk for heart disease or recurring heart and vascular problems and uses the most advanced techniques to tailor treatment to each patient's needs.

Understanding Preventive Care

The program begins by evaluating your risk factors for conditions such as:

Risk factors for heart and vascular disease include age, gender, family history of cardiovascular disease, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high stress and not enough exercise. After we get your medical history, a physical exam, a lab assessment and noninvasive heart and vascular screening tests, patients meet with their heart team to create a plan.

Your Heart Healthy Plan

At Vanderbilt Heart, we work with you to create exercise and weight management plans to increase your heart and vascular health, fitness and endurance. Our goal is to help you live a fuller, healthier, more active life.

Your Care Team

Preventive Cardiologist: Assesses your risk factors, creates a health plan and monitors your heart health.

Registered Dietician: Provides dietary counseling based on your food preferences.

Program Coordinator / Registered Nurse: Organizes follow-up to monitor your progress between visits.