About Vanderbilt Heart

Why should I choose Vanderbilt Heart?
The Vanderbilt Heart team treats patients with all kinds of cardiovascular disease, including very complex cases. We offer a wide range of services in multiple locations, so our patients can get quality care close to home.

Using your genome to guard against heart attack and stroke
Our PREDICT program is the first of its kind in a U.S. academic medical center. PREDICT uses a genetic test to find out which blood-thinning drug will work best for each patient. The results go in each patients electronic medical record. That way, if a doctor prescribes a blood-thinning drug, he or she can know ahead of time which one will work. PREDICT protects our patients from getting the wrong drug, which could cause heart attack or stroke.

Regrowing damaged heart muscle
Were the first U.S. medical center to give a drug called GGF2 to patients recovering from heart failure. In trials, the drug has helped regrow damaged heart muscle.

Replacing heart valves without open-heart surgery
Our medical center is the only one in the state to use a new way to replace heart valves without open-heart surgery. This technique reduces risks and can speed recovery, and it makes surgery possible for fragile patients.

Using cooling therapy to protect the brain
When heart attack patients are on their way to Vanderbilt, we use a new therapy that cools the body. This prevents brain damage, which can make for a better recovery.

Treating families for inherited heart disease
Vanderbilt's Center for Inherited Heart Disease helps our patients find out if they're at risk for certain heart problems. If we find problems, we help our patients make smart choices for a healthy future.

Providing convenient, world-class heart care
Vanderbilt Heart has 23 clinics in Tennessee and Kentucky. We bring excellence in heart care to millions of people.

Leading the way in our field
The International Society of Chest Pain Centers has named us an Accredited Chest Pain Center. This means we use the fields best ways to find, evaluate and treat heart attacks and other heart problems.

Attention to detail
Vanderbilt Heart strives to make the most of advanced technology for our patients' benefit. For example, our new Skylight System in every patient room includes pay-per-view movies, a choice between English or Spanish, and patient orientation and safety videos. Skylight also has an interactive feature for real-time patient surveys. This is just one of the innovations we are using to put patients and their families first at Vanderbilt Heart.