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Vanderbilt Hepatology

Vanderbilt Hepatology offers some of the best care for liver disease in Tennessee. Our large team of experts evaluate symptoms, diagnose problems and creates a treatment plan that’s right for you. Our goal is to provide the best possible care to allow you to live a full and productive life.

Liver Care: Why Choose Vanderbilt

  • Expertise: Vanderbilt Hepatology includes six full-time hepatologists, doctors with special training in liver care. This makes us the largest liver care team in Middle and East Tennessee.
  • Personalized care: We help patients manage a wide range of liver conditions, from hepatitis to cancer to autoimmune diseases. For those who need a liver transplant, we are part of the Vanderbilt Liver Transplant program and will take you through the evaluation process.
  • Research: Because we are an academic medical center, your care may include the chance to participate in a clinical trial of a new drug or procedure. Trials allow access to the newest treatments, which are not widely available at other hospitals.

Liver Conditions We Treat

Diagnostic Tests We Offer

Treatments We Offer

  • Medication
  • Education to support lifestyle changes


GI Clinic
1301 Medical Center Drive
The Vanderbilt Clinic, Suite 1660
Nashville, TN 37232
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GI Clinic - Franklin
2105 Edward Curd Lane, 3rd floor
Franklin, TN 37067
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Madison, AL
Vanderbilt Hepatology and Liver Transplant
Madison Surgery Center
460 Lanier Road, Suite 202A
Madison, AL 35758
(615) 936-5321
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