Mariner Health at Vanderbilt

Image of bargeOur goal is to identify risk factors and promote lifestyle changes that lead to optimal health, wellness, and safety for the mariner. Our data indicates positive outcomes in the areas of tobacco use, blood pressure, total cholesterol, blood sugar, and overall fitness.

Our relationship with the National Maritime Center began in 2003. This program supports the United States Coast Guard NVIC medical guidelines affecting the mariner credentialing. Vanderbilt physicians assisted with the upgrading of the NVIC medical guidelines (2007). Our staff participates in industry related task forces including MAREC, MERPAC, and MMMAC. The program standardizes the process to ensure the CG719K is complete and accurate, and that all amplifying information is submitted with the original application.

We are the acting liaison between the mariner, the NMC, and the primary care physician when amplifying medical information is requested to satisfy medical waiver requirements.

To assure that all mariners are fit for duty and remain competent to meet the credentialing requirements, they are evaluated and assessed every 2 years so any issues that would jeopardize renewal can be addressed and satisfied.