Meeting Guidelines

  1. We believe it is important to start and end on time (latecomers will need to review the minutes or check with someone after the meeting to learn about everything missed.)

  2. We believe meetings should stay within designated time, and, if necessary, items should be deferred to future meetings in order to stay on time.

  3. We believe everyone should participate. Leave your "title" at the door.

  4. We believe active listening is important and everyone should be allowed equal "airtime".

  5. We believe it is important to stay on topic and not participate in sidebar conversations.

  6. We believe it is important to speak for yourself and use "I" messages.

  7. We should suggest agenda items in advance.

  8. We will be respectful of others.

  9. We will focus on problem-solving and seek win-win situations.

  10. We will keep an open mind.

  11. We will ask questions (without fear)!

  12. We believe that different opinions are welcome; when necessary, we should agree to disagree.

  13. We request that all pagers and cell phones be turned to silent or vibrate.

  14. We will record notes, actions items, and conclusions.