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Cancer Teams

An advantage that you have by coming to a specialized research-based cancer center like Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is that you will be cared for by a team of experts who are specialized in your specific type of cancer. This specialization allows us to bring a depth of expertise not found in more general hospitals or clinics.

These teams work together -- and with you and your family -- to identify the best approach for your situation. Experts who specialize in specific types of cancer meet regularly to discuss cases and share knowledge. These meetings are called "tumor boards." At smaller hospitals, you may find few or one general tumor board, but at Vanderbilt, there are many tumor boards, each offering very focused expertise.

Your specialized team may include, among others:

  • medical oncologists (medical doctors who specialize in cancer)
  • hematologists (specialists in blood-related cancers)
  • surgical oncologists (specialists in cancer surgery)
  • other specialized surgeons like neurosurgery, thoracic surgery or colorectal surgery
  • radiation oncologists (specialists in treating cancer with radiation)
  • interventional oncologists (who use image-guided technology to target tumors
  • radiologists (who diagnose and stage cancers using imaging)
  • pathologists (specialists in diagnosis)
  • nurse practitioners and nurses
  • psychologists and social workers
  • genetics specialists and counselors

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