Brain Tumor Specialists

At Vanderbilt, you will receive the latest and most experienced care, no matter what kind of brain cancer you have.

See a list of our doctors who treat brain and other nervous system cancers.

Your team may include:

Neuro-Surgical Oncologists: These are brain surgeons who treat cancer. Vanderbilt has some of the most experienced in the region; our doctors have done more than 10,000 brain surgeries. At Vanderbilt, you can be confident that you're receiving the best care possible.

Neuro-Oncologists: These doctors are brain cancer specialists. They help you choose the best treatment for your needs, which could be surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and/or targeted therapy. They also help patients enroll in clinical trials. Our neuro-oncologists work with everyone on your cancer care team.

Radiation Oncologists: These doctors are experts in treating cancer with radiation therapy. There are many ways to treat brain cancer with radiation, depending on:

  • Where the tumor is within the brain
  • Tumor type
  • The patients situation

External beam irradiation is directed at targets in the brain or spinal cord region. Using the latest techniques, this may be given as one daily treatment for up to several weeks.

Stereotactic radiotherapy is another treatment that uses pinpoint precision to target tumors. With state-of-the-art technology and experienced treatment teams, we can offer patients the most accurate radiation treatment available with as little unneccesary radiation exposure as possible.

Neuropathologists: These doctors diagnose diseases after examining biopsies, or samples of tissue. Our group of pathologists specializes in diagnosing brain cancer. The pathologist is a key member of our team because choosing the right treatment depends on the right diagnosis.

Patient Care Coordinators: Patient care coordinators help you navigate your care through the entire journey. They can help connect you and your family to:

  • Financial counselors
  • Wellness services
  • Support services
  • Patient education
  • Lodging
  • Transportation

If you have questions, call (615) 322-1765.