Clinical Trials Information Program

Why Join

We need clinical trials to advance cancer care, and clinical trials need volunteers to get off the ground. Every standard cancer treatment we have today is here because patients volunteered to be in a clinical trial. 


Typically, clinical trials are classified into three phases. Phase I trials evaluate how new drugs should be given, how often, dosage and side effects. These clinical trials have few participants, and they usually do not focus on a specific cancer or diagnosis. Phase II trials continue to test the safety of the drug and begin to evaluate how well the drug works. Phase II studies tend to focus on specific cancer types. Phase III trials test a new drug, a combination of drugs or a new procedure/intervention in comparison to the current standard. Participants are randomly assigned to either an investigational group this is given a new treatment or a control group. Phase III trials are focused on specific cancers, enroll large numbers of people and may be offered at many doctors' offices and clinics.

How to Join

There are two ways you can sign up for a clinical trial.

  • Phone: Call our cancer information line at 1-800-811-8480.
  • Online: Either fill out a self-referral form or have your physician fill out a physician referral form. These forms are on a secure server to ensure confidentiality.

Clinical Trials Information Program
1 (800) 811-8480