Burn Center / Camp Hope: July 14-17, 2021 / Become a Camp Hope Volunteer

Become a Camp Hope Volunteer

Below we answer a few questions to help you decide if volunteering at Camp Hope is a good fit for you.

What are my responsibilities?
You will be responsible for helping a camper when needed. This can include wound care, knowing his or her physical limitations and making sure he or she is having fun.

Can I bring my children with me to camp?
Camp Hope is designed for burn survivors. No other children are allowed to stay during the week. However, if you would like you kids to join us on Safety Day (Saturday, July 18) they are welcome. After a presentation of emergency equipment, there will be a closing awards ceremony that will include lunch. Please RSVP if you will attend the event with your family.

For More Information about Camp Hope, Contact:

Brittni Davis, RN
Camp Hope Director
(615) 349-5645