Vanderbilt Dermatology

Vanderbilt General Dermatology: (615) 322-6485
Vanderbilt Cosmetic Dermatology: (615) 322-2100
Vanderbilt Dermatology Franklin: (615) 791-7254

The Vanderbilt Dermatology clinic features comprehensive dermatology services, providing diagnoses and treatment for a wide range of skin disorders, cancer screenings and treatment, and phototherapy. Focusing on maintaining a youthful appearance, a full array of cosmetic and aesthetic services are offered. These include cosmetic fillers, Botox, chemical peels, tattoo removal and laser skin treatments. Our Mohs Micrographic Surgery Unit provides outpatient removal of skin cancers using precise excisions with the use of horizontal frozen sections which offers high long-term cure rates and tissue conservation. Our board-certified dermatologists provide comprehensive assessments and recommend the best treatment options to meet our patients’ needs. All of dermatologists are board-certified and provide thorough comprehensive assessments and recommend the best treatment plans to meet our patients' needs.


Vanderbilt Dermatology
719 Thompson Lane
Suite 26300
Nashville, TN 37204

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