Common Questions about One Hundred Oaks


What clinics and services are at One Hundred Oaks?

Here’s a list.

When is Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks open?

Most clinics are on an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, but some are open on Saturdays. There are also after-hours support groups and educational classes for the community.

Are pagers available so patients can walk around without worrying about missing an appointment?

Yes. Patients who leave the clinic area and go to the food court for a snack or a cup of coffee can pick up a pager. When the clinic is ready, a text message will be sent to the pager to let the patient know to return to the clinic entrance. 

Is self-check-in available to patients at One Hundred Oaks?

Yes. Patients can use a credit card or other magnetic stripe card (similar to airport check-in) to access a self-check-in kiosk. These kiosks are just outside each clinic front desk area, and will identify the patient, confirm personal and insurance information, collect the co-payment if the patient wants to pay there, and complete the check-in.

Are there computers so patients can access My Health at Vanderbilt?

Yes. My Health at Vanderbilt is a secure online program specifically for Vanderbilt patients. Through this online program, patients can view their personal health information and communicate with their physicians via e-mail. Computer stations for patient/family access to My Health at Vanderbilt are placed throughout the main mall waiting area, food court, and overall common area of Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks. In some cases, by accessing My Health at Vanderbilt prior to a clinic visit, patients can speed up the visit process. 

Does Vanderbilt own One Hundred Oaks?

No. Vanderbilt has signed a 12-year lease with the current developers and owners of 100 Oaks. This lease includes a future ability to purchase property at 100 Oaks. It also means that some improvements—landscaping, exterior upgrades and leases for restaurants outside the mall—are being done by the mall owners in conjunction with Vanderbilt, but not by Vanderbilt. The owners of the mall are Dallas-based developers Frank Mihalopoulos and Tony Ruggeri.

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How many entrances are there to the Vanderbilt Health part of the mall?

Five entrances lead visitors into the mall, but the main entrance is on the southwest corner, at the “back” near the movie theater. This entrance has a canopy cover and free valet parking for patients.

Are neighborhood groups able to use space at One Hundred Oaks?

Yes, because Vanderbilt Health wants to be part of the community in the neighborhood around the mall. If a community group wants to use a conference room or a public space, assuming there’s no scheduling conflict with a Vanderbilt activity, the group may do so. 

Is there a food court?

Good food is easy to find at One Hundred Oaks. Located in the center of the mall, Au Bon Pain serves breakfast foods, soups, salads and sandwiches. In addition, Logan’s and Cheeseburger Charley’s are located outside the mall in the north end of the parking lot and Panera Bread and Panda Express are located in the south end of the parking lot area. 

How about neighborhood restaurants?

Across Thompson Lane there are many restaurants to choose from such as Sam and Zoe’s, Baja Burrito, the Yellow Porch, Calypso Café, Sun Flower Café, and Monell's, as well as a Wendy's, Firehouse Subs, Subway, Jersey Mike's and Applebees.

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How about Wi-Fi?

One Hundred Oaks has free Wi-Fi available. 

Can I take the bus to One Hundred Oaks ?

Yes you can. There are three Metro bus stops, including one with a shelter, at various points around the mall.

Are there any walk-in or emergency services at One Hundred Oaks?

No. All emergency services are in the adult and pediatric Emergency Departments on the main Vanderbilt campus.

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Is parking free at One Hundred Oaks?

Parking for Faculty, staff is 7.50 per month, patients and visitors park for free. 

Are there shuttles between the main campus and One Hundred Oaks?

Yes. Shuttles run at intervals throughout the operating hours of One Hundred Oaks. Seven or eight shuttles will be running continuously to and from the mall and multiple stops on the main campus. 

Is the Vanderbilt police department patrolling at One Hundred Oaks?

Vanderbilt Police operates a precinct at the mall, and has officers on duty at One Hundred Oaks at all times.

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