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Sharing Their Experiences

In May of 1991, a group of transplant recipients and their families and friends established The New Heart Society of East Tennessee. The group formed when fifteen transplant recipients realized they each had an experience to share with each other, with new transplant candidates and their caregivers, and with the general public. They wanted to promote organ and tissue donation and to share their stories. Read full article>>

Are You Getting Enough Calcium?

Most of us have heard that we should drink milk for strong bones. But most people still have no idea how much calcium (the mineral in milk that promotes bone health) they actually need. So knowing how much calcium you need — and then actually getting that amount, is incredibly important. Read full article>>

Heart Healthy Recipes

Butterscotch Pecan Sweet Potatoes

Fettucine Alfredo Light

Old Fashioned Blueberry Milkshake

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