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Why Choose Vanderbilt?

Our mission

To provide the best multidisciplinary care to patients with neuroendocrine disease, using the most modern diagnostic and treatment technologies in a collaborative research environment.

Message from the directors

At the Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine Center, we have the right tools to care for people fighting neuroendocrine cancer. Our most important resource is our expert multidisciplinary neuroendocrine team. Representatives from 9 departments dedicated to neuroendocrine diseases discuss cases and draw on ideas from all aspects of the patient. We review each patient’s history, lab results and radiology findings to establish a firm diagnosis. We also take patient care back to the lab to learn more about these tumors. This can lead to new methods of imaging or treatment.

Our team philosophy is to tailor treatments to each patient's needs. We always strive for a cure when possible, but disease control is also important to help patients who have been told there are “no other options." We also offer a place of care and comfort for those looking for expert advice. We will work with you and your doctor to meet a long-term strategy for symptom control, tumor treatment and follow-up.

Many leaders at Vanderbilt have shared the vision for this center. We recognize the growing number of people diagnosed with the disease and their very special needs. If you think Vanderbilt can help, please contact us. Our doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners are here to provide a home for all your care.

Eric Liu, M.D., Ronald Walker, M.D., Jeff Clanton, RD headshot

Eric Liu, M.D. Director, Director of Surgical Services
Ronald Walker, M.D. Director of Imaging Services
Jeff Clanton, RD Director of Radiopharmacy

International Collaboration

World renowned endocrine tumor expert Kjell Oberg and Vanderbilt are working together to bring to the U.S. the very latest advances in the treatment of neuroendocrine cancer.

In October 2012, Oberg, M.D., Ph.D., was appointed adjunct professor of Surgery, working directly with Eric H. Liu, M.D., director of the Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine Center.

“His incredible insights and collaboration will surely position Vanderbilt as a U.S. leader in the treatment of this disease,” Liu said.

Prior to opening the center, Liu studied with Oberg in Sweden, where he chairs the Centre of Excellence for Endocrine Tumors at Uppsala Hospital.

“Kjell’s resume is truly a modern history of neuroendocrine cancer,” said Liu. “His affiliation with Vanderbilt will bring decades of experience and a view of cutting-edge treatments for neuroendocrine cancer,” he said.

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