Patient Mail

For patients in Vanderbilt Hospital:

Cards and letters from friends and family are very important to our patients. The VMC Post Office delivers mail as quickly and accurately as possible. Below are some tips that will help your mail arrive speedily.

Use this format when addressing the envelope:

Patient (First and Last Name)
Vanderbilt University Hospital, Room (Room Number)
1161 Medical Center Drive
Nashville, TN 37232-0004

Some helpful tips:

  • The patient's name must be included.
  • Add the word 'Patient' before the patient's name.
  • Make sure the name on the letter or package is the same as the name the patient was checked in under. This means that nicknames and parents' names should not be used.
  • Include a middle name or initial if possible in case there is more than one patient with the same name.
  • The patient's room number is helpful, if available, but you can still send mail to a patient without it, as long as the name matches an admission record.

For patients in the Village at Vanderbilt Apartments:

For speedy mail service, please use this format:

Patient Name
Apt. _______, Village at Vanderbilt
Nashville, TN 37212

Some helpful tips:

  • Do not include any room numbers from Vanderbilt University Hospital.
  • Do not include the room number of the Village at Vanderbilt management office.