Vanderbilt Home Care

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission and constant priority is to serve the patient.

As a home care provider, we are caregivers in the patient’s own environment, employing all our knowledge, talent, resources, commitment and compassion to promote health and independence and to support patients and families through illness.

As part of the Vanderbilt University Health Care System, we support its research and educational enterprises.

We provide a vital link in the continuum of care for patients and families in our health care system.

Our Values

We are a community built on shared values and a common purpose. We are compassionate caregivers. We value respectfulness, whether in dealing with patients or with colleagues. We acknowledge that success depends on working well together.

We are guided by and committed to our mission. We value collaboration with patients and colleagues, we communicate openly and honestly, and we treat others as we would wish to be treated. We strive to be fair and non-judgmental toward all. We value diversity. We each safeguard professional integrity, pursuing the highest ethical standards. We are each accountable for carrying forth our mission.

Scholarship and continuous learning are essential to our work. We value career satisfaction. We encourage new thinking and the search for new and better solutions. A spirit of innovation and the capacity and willingness to lead the way— these qualities help to distinguish our organization.

How We Do Our Work

First and foremost, we are caregivers and patient advocates, working as a team to identify and effect solutions to health care needs.  We are a patient-focused organization--delivering superior care, service, and value.
Vanderbilt Home Care Services is a continuously learning and improving organization.  We are an affiliate and vital component of the Vanderbilt Health Care System.  Through our ongoing commitment to service and clinical excellence, we strive to be the first choice of patients, families and physicians.

We are a pioneering organization, leading through innovation, vitally occupied with issues of quality, efficiency, access, and continuity.  We identify and implement new solutions to meet the health care needs of our community.  Where are technological advances leading?  Will the home become an access site to the health care system? 
By formulating answers to these and other question, Vanderbilt Home Care Services is helping to shape the future of health care delivery.