School of Nursing Scholarships

 “There are a lot of people out there with big dreams and big hopes when it comes to education. Giving someone a boost to help them achieve that dream is a wonderful thing.”

-Mark Gerdesmeier, MSN'11

Scholarships make it possible for dedicated students to become dedicated professionals like Mark and provide the next-level of patient care without the burden of large student loans. Our students eagerly seek the challenges of the innovative curricula and world-class faculty at Vanderbilt's School of Nursing. But they also face the challenges of debt — averaging $85,000 for advanced practice nurses.

Scholarship support has an immediate and far-reaching impact. Vanderbilt School of Nursing students arrive with amazing drive and talent, and an extraordinary commitment to learning how to deliver superior patient care. In a society facing a serious shortage of caregivers, our students are making a real difference.

Invest in our students by supporting a nursing scholarship. Your support is essential for keeping Vanderbilt within reach for top students regardless of financial circumstances.

Want to learn more about supporting students like Mark through scholarship endowment? Call Sydney Haffkine at (615) 322-8851 or send an email to to learn more about how you can make an impact through scholarship support.