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Mother and son both turn to Vanderbilt Diabetes Center for care

Vanderbilt Diabetes Center Tracks Drug's Ability to Prevent Type1 Diabetes

Certain Fruits May Reduce Type2 Diabetes Risk

Sleep cycle disruption linked to diabetes, obesity, heart attacks

VDC researchers tackling new approaches to Type1 & Type2 Diabetes (pdf)

Obesity linked to kidney injury after heart surgery

Family members can often sabotage diabetes care

JDRF honors Najjars pediatric diabetes efforts

Clues to obesity-related inflammation

Vanderbilt Diabetes Center research bolstered by federal grant

Jagasia: New Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Center Medical Director

New stent aids heart disease patients who have diabetes

Immune systems role in prematurity complications

Early study hints at fat as potential diabetes treatment

Breakthroughs: Diabetes & Cancer

Shade Tree Clinic to expand health education program

Center works to shed fear, stigma of bariatric surgery

Growth factor boosts beta cells

Obesity Epidemic: Fighting the Big Fight

Impact of Diabetes, Obesity on Glioma Patients

Obesity Can Turn Body Fat Toxic

Type2 diabetes can be prevented and/or delayed

Initiative to help translate diabetes research advances

Gestational diabetes program goal is healthy babies, moms

Clinical trial seeks to halt Type1 diabetes in its tracks

Now easier for patients to monitor lymphedema

Obesity-fighting effort celebrates anniversary

Tight blood-sugar control studied

Young children mimic their parents

Other Vanderbilt Diabetes Center research highlights