Vanderbilt Diabetes

Diabetes Center Experiences

It is a privilege to work with patients from this region and beyond. Below are a few of the patients who inspire us every day.

Father and Son Face Their Diabetes Together
When Christopher Cowart reminds his son Cory of the importance of checking his blood sugar; it’s not just a typical parental lecture. Chris knows exactly what he’s talking about. He and his son both have Type I diabetes.
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Sylver Mullins Finds Array of Services with Vanderbilt
Sylver Mullins understands that life is a journey. She’s already come so far on her own journey. She’s lost 40 pounds and greatly improved her overall health since being diagnosed with diabetes in 2002.
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Henry Keeps the Weight Off and Rides his Harley
Henry Carlock keeps a picture of himself on his refrigerator. The man in the photo carried 335 pounds on a 6’1” frame and had a 54-inch waist. That’s the old Henry Carlock in the photo. The new Henry Carlock is still over six feet tall, but he’s at least 100 pounds lighter.
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