Medical Fitness Program at Dayani

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Why choose the Vanderbilt Dayani Center?

In Dayani's supportive environment, you'll have access to classes such as nutrition, group exercise and stress management. You’ll also enjoy social support, full use of the facility, and discounts on other the Vanderbilt Dayani Center services.

Our friendly, educated staff wants to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Our programs and incentives help you stay engaged. In addition, we educate you on topics related to health, fitness and nutrition.

What is a medically based fitness facility?
In a medically based fitness facility like the Vanderbilt Dayani Center, healthy living is maintained and promoted under the guidance of health professionals such as exercise physiologists, physical therapists, dietitians, and health specialists.

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Simple Workouts

Upper Body Exercises

Core Exercises

Lower Body Exercises