Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

What to Expect During Your Hereditary Cancer Clinic Visit

Before your first visit, we’ll send you materials to help you collect your family/medical history. Bring your findings with you as well as any test results or medical records you have gathered. The first appointment can last as long as 2 hours.

During your appointment:

  • We’ll gather your medical and family histories and create a detailed family tree
  • We’ll create a cancer risk assessment based on your family health information. We will discuss whether cancer might be passed through the genes in your family
  • Based on your personal risk assessment, we will discuss cancer screening tests you may need to help find cancer early. We will also discuss other options to lower your risk of developing cancer.
  • When appropriate, we’ll discuss genetic testing. If you choose genetic testing, we’ll schedule a meeting with you when your results are ready.
  • When the results of genetic testing are available, you will return for an appointment to get the results in person.
  • When needed, we can help you get appointments with the right specialists to treat you.
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