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Auditory Development Laboratory

Auditory Development Laboratory
Medical Center East, 10th Floor, Room 10313

The Auditory Development Lab studies the developmental impact of hearing loss on infants and young children. The lab's multidisciplinary work merges pediatric audiology with developmental psychology. Currently, much of the laboratory's activity centers around the impact of hearing loss on visual attention, infant environmental exploration, and use of hearing by those with visual disabilities.

Current Projects and Need for Research Subjects
Emotion Recognition
How well do children recognize emotions and understand the thoughts of others?
Research subjects needed: Children with moderate or greater hearing loss and children with normal hearing between the ages of 4-6 years & 10-12 for one visit that will last about 2 hours. Contact: Heather Porter at or 615-936-5272.
Infant Sound Exploration
Sound or Sensation? We want to know how your infant is exploring his or her environment.
Research subjects needed: Infants 8 to 24 months with moderate or greater hearing loss for one visit that will last about 45 minutes.
Contact: Heather Porter at or 615-936-5272.
Minimal Hearing Loss
Is my child hearing what the other children are?
Research subjects needed: Children in Kindergarten, First Grade, or Second Grade with or without minimal hearing loss for four visits over 2 years.
Contact: Heather Porter at or 615-936-5272.
Speech Perception
In this study, we are interested in the speech perception of children who use cochlear implants and speech perception of children with normal hearing.
Research subjects needed: Children who use cochlear implants, have been implanted since 3 years of age, and are age 5 years, 0 months to 7 years, 11 months. We also need children who have normal hearing and are 3 years, 6 months to 7 years, 11 months of age. In 2-3 visits of about an hour each, we will ask your child questions and ask him or her to point to pictures of words they hear in order to determine how well they understand speech sounds.
Contact: Kathryn Guillot at or 615-936-5368
What's That In Your Ear?
This study will help us understand peer attitudes toward children with disabilities in the classroom, particularly hearing loss.
Research subjects needed: Second, Fourth, or Fifth Graders with normal hearing or who have a hearing loss and wear hearing aids. During a 1-hour visit at Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center, children will be asked to look at photographs of children, answer some questions about the pictures, and answer some questions about their experiences with children with disabilities.
Contact: Lindsey Rentmeester at or 615-936-5139
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